About Us

Joe Stapf - Head Instructor - Regional Instructor of the year by World Head of Family Council

Mr. Joe has been doing Martial Arts for over 23 years. He has studied over 10 different styles and holds a Black Belt in American Kenpo. Mr. Joe has multiple years representing Team USA and IASKA World Champion, placing 3rd in the world for musical weapons and sparring in Germany and 2nd in the world for sparring in Russia. He has also took home multiple championships in sparring, traditional forms, weapons, musical forms, and musical weapons. Mr. Joe also oversees all classes and is instrumental in the way each class is run.

Joey Juan Caballero - Jiu- Jitsu Instructor

Coach Joey is an active IBJJF competitor and holds a Brown Belt in Brazilian Juijitsu under the 5th degree Black Belt Carlson Gracie Team.

Cesar Perez-Babilona - Krav Maga Instructor

Coach Cesar is a certified Black Belt Instructor under the Fighting System Krav Maga Street Defense. He has provided seminars in Southern California, DC, Virginia, and Central Florida. He is currently a personal fitness trainer helping over a dozen clients reach their personal fitness goals for over 5 years. He has been providing program seminars teaching people how to survive and be confident in the street defense system for over 3 years. Coach Cesar also holds a Class D and G Security license, while currently training in Close Operation Protection System. (C.O.P.S.)

Camden Carter-Grimes - Wrestling Coach

Coach C has been wrestling or 14 years. Six of those years have been spent competing at the international level. Coach C also spent 16 months training at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs and Northern Michigan. He is also USA Wrestling Bronze lever certified coach. He has trained or coached Olympian World Class athletes and all American wrestlers in all three styles.